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Top Played Tracks by Stan Stewart in 2023

Happy new year, 2024, everyone! Hoping you and your loved ones are playing your way into this new day. We can’t predict the future. So, we make beauty the best we are able.

More than anything else in this post, I want to say: Thank you! When you listen to my music, I am inspired to keep creating. And when I hear from you about how you responded to tracks, suites, or albums, that’s awesome, too. I appreciate you so much.

2023 plays in review

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As I’ve been doing for several years, here are some of the tracks that got the most plays on various streaming radios. This year, we’ll start with Pandora. That’s where all of my music had more people listening than all other music services combined!

First, two bits of bad news: Pandora is only available in the USA and they do not have a web player that I can post here (as the other services do). Good news is that everyone can still listen because I’ll share these tracks using SongWhip. It presents you with the links to all of the streaming services, music videos, and more. Thanks for your patience in clicking through to listen.

Here are those songs in order from most listened:

  1. Static Liminality (from DreamState: Liminal Space)
  2. Just Now (from DreamState: Awakening)
  3. Lou Sid (from DreamState: Lucid Dreaming)
  4. Lucid Bossa Nova (from DreamState: Lucid Dreaming)
  5. Rapid Energy Movement (from DreamState: Dreams)
  6. Oh, C’mon (from DreamState: Lucid Dreaming)
  7. Dining Room – Jaydn, Opus 7 (from Our Home)
  8. Triplet – Jaydn, Opus 13 (from The Piano In The Dining Room)
  9. WindPipe Warning (from DreamState: Dreams)
  10. Memories of Stars (from Minimal Velocity)

Moving on to Movies

The three music videos from “The Piano In The Dining Room” were also the 3 top songs played on YouTube. Thank you to everyone who became one of my thousand fans there! As you know, I’m into YouTube playlists these days, so enjoy…

The playlist for “The Piano In the Dining Room” album

Gracing the fourth spot among music videos this year was “Human Being” from the heartfelt piano improvisations, In Memory of Tom.

Next up on YouTube from the very recent release of First Snow was “Snowy Softness” that gained a lot of attention on social networks. Thanks to everyone who gave praise for this orchestral version of this piece.

Glad to see this last video still getting so many plays since it shows how many of us want peace in Ukraine. Blessed be.

Apples to Apples

Thanks again to everyone who listened in the past and to all of you who will listen now and into the future. Here is a playlist from Apple Music highlighting top played tracks on that service in 2023 plus most searched on “Shazam“.

The main image at the top of this post is by Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels.

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