Stan Stewart’s music

Dream This album coverMy singer-songwriter tracks have moved to the “Dream This” album page. Please visit it to listen to those songs and learn more about that project!

My latest song is a song dedication which I look forward to creating for many people — will you or one of your loved ones be one of them?!? Here's the “Grace Operative” song I created for Coke.

Two other songs you must hear: “Magic” which is my Christmas/Winter Solstice holiday song and “Wreckless” which was inspired by Dolores O'Riordan. (Click the song titles to read their stories and listen.)

And speaking of winter, it often inspires me.

Have you heard the story of how my wrecked car inspired this album?

30-days of 30-plays – “InterPlayful” – turned out to be a great series of piano improvisations from a creativity challenge.

I enjoy collaboration and cross-inspiration with other artists. Here is my album of piano improvisation inspired by the writing of Ami Hendrickson.

How do we humans find hope in times of fear and doubt? While searching for this answer, I created six instrumentals called Hope Suite. Please listen.

Love inspires me. Here are five piano improvisations that I created inspired by my wife. I am so blessed to be her partner and this is the least I can to to show her (and you) how much goodness I get from our relationship. (Only some of these improvs will be available for streaming, so if you want to hear them all, please buy/download the whole EP!)

Nature inspires me, too. Here's my “Elements Suite” inspired by the natural elements.

There have been a number of personal and cultural experiences over the past few years that led to grief for me. Out of that grieving, I was inspired to compose this suite of five instrumental pieces.

Some people say my piano improvisations sound like George Winston. My piano improv idol is Keith Jarrett. In the end, I hope that I have a sound that's all mine.

My video channels contain more of my work with other artists, musicians, and performers. Here is an playlist that has some examples.

Here are a few more of my piano improvisations. Note how each of them has their own character “of the moment”.

You can find many posts on this site about the creative process of improvising those piano pieces.

Here are two recent “suites” of music, incorporating improvised melodies and solos, but with much more than just piano sounds.

Click here for the post about the creation of Prayer Suite.

Angels Suite is part of my post about having an “extra heartbeat”.


I have often been heard playing music at weddings and other ceremonies: solo or performing as a member of instrumental and vocal groups. For samples of some of my wedding performances, please visit the wedding music page. Another example is when I performed for an art opening for the paintings of Katrina Morse, playing a piano improvisation for each of the pieces in the exhibit.

When playing as a solo musician, I sometimes use a technique called live-looping that allows me to play multiple layers of sounds. (Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.)

In my project studio, I record CD‘s and digital downloads. I've has been recording engineer and producer for several independent recordings, enjoy putting other songwriters at ease so they can focus on their music (and not the digital technology) in my studio, and love it when musical artists ask me to join in with the music-making. These recordings include spontaneous/improvisational music, cover songs, classical music, folk/Celtic songs, and lots of original songs/music.

Disappointment and Delight was my first solo recording. I improvised the instrumental piano/keyboard pieces, arranged, recorded and mastered the CD. You can get your copy of the download or CD at CDBaby.


My poetry is here, too.

…and now, back to the music…

This piece was created for a game/animation/film sequence. Listen for the momentous building of intensity and anticipation.

Apr 6, 2020 @ 2:48 pm