Tips and reviews for musicians from Stan Stewart (aka muz4now)

Mixing Vocals

A Bedroom Producer’s Guide to Mixing Vocals

Here’s a great guide to mixing vocals for the “bedroom producer”.

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Rule the world

Will Musicians Ever Rule the World?

Musicians may not rule the world, but we certainly rock our own corner of it.

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Social Connecting

Compose Yourself – Social Connecting and Physical Distancing

Human beings need social connections in times like these.

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Amp Up Your Keyboard Rig

5 Tools to Amp Up Your Keyboard Rig

What will it take to amp up your keyboard rig? Try these five tips to get ready for your gigging.

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Music losses are the elephant in the living room

Music Losses: The Elephant In The #COVID19 Room

I don’t know if I’ll leave this post here. It’s difficult to predict if the music losses will be short […]

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Don't hurt your ears when you practic with headphones

Do Your Headphones Hurt Your Ears When Practicing Piano? Learn How to Play Pain-Free

When you are practicing the piano, you might want to use headphones to keep your playing private. There are lots […]

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Twitter and creating music

Creating Music: What Twitter Teaches Us About Songwriting

Inspiration often comes from surprising places. Not surprisingly, some may say that Twitter and music-making don’t mix. So, it’s quite […]

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Social Networking

3 Ways FaceBook Can Kill Your Creativity

There: I said it. Of course, in addition to FaceBook, it probably applies equally to Twitter, TikTok, and any other […]

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How to Tune Your Room

Indie Recording Studio – How to Tune Your Room

You’ve decided to record your next track in your home studio: how can you tune your room?

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String Quartet Library comparison

String Quartet Library Quick Comparison Video

Here’s a brief video comparing a quartet of solo violin, viola, cello, and string bass sounds in some orchestral libraries.

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