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Recording home studio

7 Home Recording Studio Tips & Steps to Master Your Music

This guest post is by Curtis Dean. It provides a helpful overview of home recording for those who are new ...
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JBK - View Through Windshield

#JBK 2 – a spontaneous poem

Driving. Impatient. Driver ahead of me is going too slow. Then, I see that their license plate begins with the ...
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Winter Trees

Winter Trees – an #improv #poem

I am enchantedby the tops of winter trees. With their twistsand tendrils,silhouettesand snares,they mezmerize my gaze. Each time my eyes ...
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Snow Day II - ambient orchestra by Stan Stewart

Ambient Orchestra – EP and video for “Snow Day II”

I wonder what a real winter is. The Finger Lakes have traditionally had "hard" winters -- meaning lots of gray ...
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This Grief

This Grief – an #improv #poem

This griefThat seeps intoAnd out of me these days Carries the weight of worry.Vacillating betweenA frozen melancholy andA burning panic, ...
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Life happens and then angels appear

Life Is What Happens… (While You’re Busy)

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.John Lennon ("Beautiful Boy" lyrics) As last Tuesday's deadline ...
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Snow Day

Snow Day is sweet and a suite

Snow Day - Freeze and Thaw Yes, here is some more winter inspiration. This time, it's best to let the ...
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creation logistics

Unmixing – separating logistics and creation

Creativity doesn't mix well with logistics. Not long ago, I realized how much time I was spending during the creation ...
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Music that sounds like you

Your Guide to Making Music That Sounds Like You

This might seem like a rather odd title – after all, how can you sound like anyone other than you? ...
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Snowy morning evergreen and forest

New Every Morning – an #improv #poem

Waking without an alarmand waking without alarmis like a simple gift. When each morningis a drive to workfrom a drive ...
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