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String Quartet Library comparison

String Quartet Library Quick Comparison Video

This is the second of two brief videos comparing orchestral string libraries. (If you want to know what a "string ...
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String Library Comparison

Quick Orchestral String Library Comparison Video

Bonus: I decided to compare the various orchestral string libraries in my collection and figured I might as well let ...
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Life Bringer Suite – I Can See Clearly Now

Mellow One It all starts with the piano. Is there an instrument that is more iconic? One that calls us ...
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(Happy New) Year In Review

2019 in review – thanks for your support

One word summary: wow! As I look at the year 2019 in review, it has been filled with so many ...
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Holiday Playlist 2

Holiday music: what are you listening to?

What Music Do You Listen To For The Holidays? The winter holidays are full of song. It's impossible to avoid ...
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Creative Spirit

Think About This – Random Quotes

Creative people are always making connections. Sometimes it's about drawing a line from here to there. Other times it's about ...
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Breathe - self-discovery

Integrity, Self-discovery, and Self-deceit

“I’ve found that self-discovery is more like self-deceit unless I am simultaneously discovering my connection & relationship with nature & ...
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Weather Outside

Oh, the weather outside is… – an #improv #poem

Oh, the weather isDoing its thing:There's a weird, wintry mixDumping its glorious metrics Of wet, heavy, and wonderfulFrozen bits of ...
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Dance Forms like Ballet

7 Dance Forms Around the World to Get You Grooving

Dance is one of the most expressive ways to make others understand the emotions being enacted. The various styles of ...
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New Magic Tech

Learning the music tech that helped make “Magic” new

There are so many ways that technology can help. And so many ways that it won't. I'm learning lots about ...
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