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Treman autumn scene

I’m pretty sure that Autumn is my favorite season

It's early autumn and I don't seem to have anything ready to post. But then again, it's Fall and that's ...
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Weekend Getaway (Chimney Bluffs)

Weekend Getaway – an #improv #poem

Before they knew there was something to celebrateOne of them was planning a getaway.Just a short weekend in a place ...
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Funerals and Finitude

Funerals – finitude, the great equalizer

I've been to so many funerals recently. Part of it is about my age, but part of it is just ...
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Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade – New Musical Offerings

Over the next few weeks, I'll be announcing and focusing on some services that I provide professionally. Many of these ...
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Pandora and the other box

Stan Stewart’s music is streaming on Pandora

Thanks to Pandora's new "Artist Marketing Platform" (AMP), my music is finally on this streaming music platform. Prior to AMP, ...
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Penetrating Sunlight

Penetrating Sunlight – an #improv #poem

Something about the sun this morning: More penetrating than usual, It is steadily and yet gently Pressing its way in ...
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Softhearted moment

Softhearted – a spontaneous #poem

Like soil moistened by soft rain Each time you press your hand to my heart I feel it give way ...
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No Sleep Tonight

No Sleep Tonight – a spontaneous #poem

No sleep tonight.Deadlines runIncessantlyThrough my brain.Though they are self-imposedAnd perhaps self-indulgentThey will not turn off. Is it better to get ...
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So, how about an open mic?

There's always another opportunity on the horizon. Some come through less obvious avenues than others. How about an open mic? ...
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Poem 7 – “Happily Ever After”

"Happily ever after"; That's how I thought the story would go, Especially when I moved across the country And ransacked ...
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