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Snowy morning evergreen and forest

New Every Morning – an #improv #poem

Waking without an alarmand waking without alarmis like a simple gift. When each morningis a drive to workfrom a drive to survive, questionsrun simplicityout the door. My thoughts areof great things withgigantic magnitudes too many times toname. Today wasdifferent. This morning came without fanfare.Eyes flickered openof their own accord and in their own, sweettime. Though …

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InterPlayful Playing with Feelings

playing with feelings in improvisation – InterPlayful

Feelings are deeply connected to my improvising. What I mean by that is emotion is often (almost always?) a starting point for my improvisations. This includes piano improv. As you know (unless you’ve never been here before), one of my key creative outlets is piano improvisation. One recent avenue to this form of creating was …

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