Breathe - self-discovery

Integrity, Self-discovery, and Self-deceit

Stan Stewart explores integrity, self-discovery, and self-deceit from the vantage point of creative artistry.

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Poem 7 – “Happily Ever After”

“Happily ever after”; That’s how I thought the story would go, Especially when I moved across the country And ransacked […]

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crossroads sunset

Crossroads – Giving Up To Get

Would You Sell Your Soul? What would you give up to get what you want? What price would someone have […]

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Light Shadows

Light Shadows – a poem of grief and bliss

“Light Shadows” – a poem of grief and bliss by Stan Stewart. Take the voyage through shadows to find illumination.

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Clarity Dawns: Human Beings, Nature, and Becoming

Once natural clarity dawns, we must respond to the call. Besides being inspiring, nature is also a great teacher about much we need to learn.

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Blue 1

Blue Note from LAX-OGG

“Blue Note from LAX-OGG” is a poem written on a plane to the author’s (Stan Stewart) pre-wedding honeymoon.

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Poem 5 - choice

Poem 5 – an #improv #poem

“Poem 5” – improvised (spontaneously composed, unedited) about the blues — or not — by Stan Stewart.

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Bleeding Hearts Blog

Hearts – pondering opening, softening, and warmth

“Hearts” started as a caption on an Instagram post and turned into this. From Stan Stewart.

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breath poem

Breath – an #improv #poem

“Breath” – an improvised (spontaneous, unedited) poem by Stan Stewart.

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Karma – an #improv #poem

A spontaneous (improvised, unedited) poem by Stan Stewart: “Karma”.

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