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Now, you can give the perfect gift to the someone who has everything … or even to someone who has nothing and everyone in between. PresentSongs™ are that missing gift that will brighten even the best day. That’s right, you can give a song as a present!

Not sure what to give your friend or relative for a birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, baptism, Christmas, Hanukkah, coming out party, wedding, new job, retirement, or any other occasion you can imagine? How about a song written just for them?

Songs for the present

PresentSongs orchestra and arranging

The stories you provide about your loved one will help to make your PresentSong™ the best possible gift. Share as many stories, quirks, favorites, and memories as you like. They will all help this gift of song be the most memorable present it can be.

You’ll also have input on the musical arrangement: What style of music do you want? Choose from pop, rock, alternative, classical, improvisational, and more. Name a favorite band or singer to clarify the sort of song you want for your gift. And what about the orchestration? Do you want brass or strings? All of this goes into making this the best possible song for your recipient.

Dear Stan,
 Thank you so very much; received through Bandcamp, and heard . . . and so deeply appreciated. Thank you for this gift; it’s truly priceless.
 When I listened to it again, I imagined doing a hand-to-hand dance through time and space with [our friend]; your song provided me/us with a loving field in which to send support and embodied prayers. It is a gift that continues to give, rippling and spiraling out.
 Thank you Stan, for this song and for all your gifts of music. We need these now more than ever.
 Gratitude and blessings always,

And here is Coke’s song.

Imagine being able to give such a unique and special gift to match how much you care about this person. Now, you can do it with PresentSongs!

Present a song

Normally, your special song can be delivered in 30 days. Sometimes (and for an additional fee), you can get it even faster, but plan on giving a one-month notice if you can. You’ll fill out a form that has questions about your recipient and the song you’re about to give. Just fill in all those details.

From: Martha Matheson
Subject: Charlie's PresentSong
To: Stan Stewart
Thank you for the wonderful song for Charlie. He loves it!
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Then, once you submit a downpayment, you’ll receive a contract to sign. Now you get to sit back and relax while the wheels of song-making really begin to turn. Your PresentSong will arrive in about 30 days.

Meanwhile, you can be enjoying the plans for presenting your gift. You’ll be sure to be a hit with your friend or relative. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment in the making.

Here’s a PresentSong written for a young person with health challenges.


Do you have questions about PresentSongs? Are you still not sure? Contact us for more information.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind gift that you can give to someone you love.

Ready to request your PresentSong? Click here to begin the process.

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