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Interested in learning more about muz4now™? Need to spur your muse on? Looking for ways to be creative and in “the now”? You can use the contact form below for more information and bookings for gigs, playshops (or workshops if you prefer), performances, weddings, and more.

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One of the best ways you can connect with and support Stan Stewart is via his VIP program. This platform allows him to create musical art (song and instrumental recordings plus videos) which you support for a variety of rewards with a monthly contribution. To learn more about the rewards of this approach, please click here.

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If you found this unobtrusive bit of text on muz4now, thanks so much for considering writing a guest post. I receive dozens of guest post requests every week. Most of them arrive as spam sent to my personal email. I no longer read those. They are UCE/spam and I treat them as such. The ones that come through my contact form (above) are still numerous enough to require a streamlined and (hopefully) clear set of required steps. So now, you can read these requirements in the bulleted list below.
But wait: these requirements are serious. Only if each of these are understood and followed by you will I consider your guest post. Please take these as seriously as I do. I can’t emphasize this enough: many awesome guest posts have been rejected because they did not follow these requirements.
  • Please use my contact form above.
  • You will send at least one sample URL (e.g. of an article you have written. Please make sure that your name is listed as the author of this sample post.
  • You will send at least 2-3 suggested topics/titles. (If you include these when you send your message through the contact form, that will save us a step.) I will select one of your titles or suggest another topic, perhaps based on your selections.
  • You will send your submissions as a text, simple HTML, or WordPress blocks formatted file. If you submit in Micro$oft Word format (since it demolishes anything that could have become a web page in the worst way) I will, sadly, reject your article without reading it.
  • You understand that I have 100% editorial control. This means that I can do anything from correcting grammar errors to removing advertising links to not publishing your article at all.

Thanks again for considering guest posting.

If, on the other hand, you contact me to add your links to my pages: please give me a reason to do this and contact me through this form. As above, when you contact me cold, I know that it’s UCE/spam and will notify your ISP to report your violation.