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What’s up now? – Stan Stewart

My “now” page was last updated Jun 15, 2024 @ 7:06 am

Stuff I’m doing right now includes…

The “now” happening list

  1. Celebrating and advocating for PRIDE MONTH (June, 2024).
  2. Practicing composing, songwriting, arrangingpiano, and singing. There are always new tracks in the works. Join my VIP subscription to keep up-to-date and receive exclusive content.
  3. My current projects are a folk song series and on the “heels” of my healing ankle, Healing Melodies.
  4. To see some of my recent releases, please visit my music page.
  5. Always adapting even in the face of physical brokenness and adapting my music creation process as part of that.PresentSongs
  6. Offering you custom songs to give to someone you love: PresentSongs. Everyone who has purchased one of these songs has been so happy with the results! I can’t share most of them publicly because they are such an intimate present just for the recipient. Is there someone you care about who could use the boost of a song created as a beautiful sonic picture of their life? Get your PresentSong here.
  7. Working from home on both my day job and my music projects. Please be safe and care about those you love. Be well, my friends!
  8. Seeking avenues to hope, peace, community, love, and kindness. Pondering how to connect my musical/improvisational arts with those avenues in our world that needs them so much. Click here to read my artist’s mission statement.
  9. I managed to write and publish a blog post all 52 weeks in 2023. How cool is that? Writing blog posts of poetry, the unsigned music business, digital recording, creative process, and more (currently averaging one per week). Contact me if there’s something you’d like me to write about. Occasionally, I accept guest posts, but they have a specific set of requirements.
  10. Networking to create gigs. I’d love to perform a house concert at your place or for a ceremony in the coming months. Contact me if you’re interested! If you are event/entertainment coordinator for a venue, please visit my Press Kit and contact pages. I perform sets of cover songs, jazz/Broadway standards, original songs, or all instrumental — solo or ensemble. Upcoming public gigs are just below this numbered list.
  11. Naturally, I continue to promote my own music, mostly instrumental compositions and improvisations. I’m really proud of my music page, but there’s also this: Dream This (my first singer-songwriter album) is literally my life story told in songs. Please stream/listen, enjoy and share!
  12. Working out and hiking (for exercise and inspiration).
  13. Updating my VIPs and newsletter subscribers, often with exclusive behind-the-scenes music, stories, and videos.
  14. Staying engaged on social media channels. I hope you’ll friend me on your favorites.
  15. Caring for my wife, our relationship, our beautiful home, our dog, and myself. (Lack of self-care means none of these other things can happen well.)
  16. Any upcoming public gigs will be listed here. Even when you see nothing below, I have upcoming private gigs (a weekly gig, private weddings, and corporate events).
  17. Sharing my friends’ awesome music.

What does this mean?

If you ask me to do something else, I may say “no” and show you this page.

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The idea for this page came from Derek Sivers.

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