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Celebrating the Light – Samhain and Halloween

Last night, an awesome group of people (that I get to “play” with almost every week) were part of an incredible Samhain celebration at Columcille Megalith Park. Each of them — Anita, Brad, Brian, Heidi, Jill, Patti, Sage, Sue, Susan, and Susanne — were brilliant (if you’ll pardon the pun) as Light Beings for the festive night.

Of course, there were many others involved in the evening to say the words at each station and lead the evening. Each step of the ritual included fire or light of some special sort, including Fire Dancers, burning of yew branches (to symbolize what we’re letting go of), and the dancing and stillness of the Light Beings. Volunteer drummers also helped to keep a beat as the people gathered walked from station to station. It was a beautiful and inspiring night, filled with personal introspection and connecting with each other.

Samhain is the Celtic commemoration that literally means “summer’s end”. It was held by the Celts that October 31st was the day for this celebration and that it also signalled the New Year for them. Eventually, it turned into All Hallows Eve as the Christians celebrated All Saints’ Day on November first.

Click here for a small sample of what we saw at Columcille for this Samhain celebration.

There will be a longer video of some of the dancing from this celebration (with new music accompaniment) in the next few weeks. I can hardly wait!

Have you done something special to celebrate Samhain or Halloween? I’d love to hear about it in the comments…

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