Old piano keys

group play

You’ve heard of play groups for children. But what about a play group for adults? Want a chance to fully claim and embrace your joy?

Create your own muse or music! Come alive now: dance, sing or tell stories. You’ll be amazed how easy “in the moment” art really is and how much ease it can bring to your life.

And where could be better to express yourself than in the safety of an adult play group. I center these experiences in the deep body wisdom of InterPlay.

It’s simple: the muse is available to everyone in any present moment. And each time I can say the word “now”, it is a new moment. This is a gift. We want you to receive it in a playful way.

Stan Stewart is available for workshops, playshops, untensives, community-building sessions, and one-on-one coaching called “(un)focus sessions”. Contact me for more information.