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    Stan Stewart plays guitar and sings

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    A major milestone in Stan's songwriting journey was the release of “Dream This”. The ten songs on this album tell the story of his life up to that point. Check out the single “Dance This” as an example of this album's varied tracks.

    Piano improvisations are the foundation of Stan Stewart's musical artistry. Here's one example from hundreds of piano improv tracks.


    check out the muz4now video channels on YouTube and Vimeo

    Stan Stewart's biography for press and marketing

    You can download Stan Stewart mini-bio (1543 downloads) (PDF) which reads like this:

    Stan Stewart is a pianistsongwritercomposer, and poet who is always looking for the next inspiration. Besides a growing set of recorded releases, Stan enjoys playing live/live-stream whenever possible.
    He enjoys connecting with fans and other artists. That’s where you come in! Be sure to connect with Stan via his newsletter or social networks.

    Download the full Stan Stewart bio (748 downloads) (PDF) or click here for the web/html version

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    Singer-songwriter Stan Stewart plays and sings
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    Press and Interviews

    Listen to the podcast interview by Daniel Duwa

    Here is a radio interview with Stan on his singer-songwriter album, “Dream This”

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