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Holiday – Taking Time Away From It All

I need to take time off from the routine. When I lived in Scotland, we called this a holiday.

Vacation or Holiday

I like that word. Here in the USA, this is called a vacation. I guess there’s a sense in which I want to “vacate” my typical schedule. But I really appreciate the intention of the word holiday.

For one thing, it notes the sacredness of taking time off. It literally is a “holy day“. But the danger is that one “day” may not be enough. It’s likely that you or I will need a week or perhaps even more to hit a full reset button.

With Intention

As I’ve been pondering how to take time away from it all, I realized that one of the things I need to take a (short) holiday from is blogging. So, I’m going to take a week or two off from these regular, Tuesday morning posts.

I hope you’ll come back when I return to these pages in a couple of weeks. I’m always curious, so I’ll want to come back here and ask you more questions. Thanks for sticking around!

And I do hope you’ll look for a time to take your holiday. Bon voyage!

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