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Hope Suite and Hope Sweet

Hope is something that people need when circumstances are not the way we want them to be. If everything is going along perfectly, it’s unlikely that it will even be on our minds. We seek hope when we need reassurance or when fear has the upper hand. Obviously, when we do need it, we really need it. It tastes sweet only only when the seeker finds this soul nourishment at the right moment.

Art and…

The Dance of HopeI often witness artists creating when they need to shift from hopelessness. This is only natural since creativity is where artists go when they are inspired or need inspiration. So, that’s where I went when I saw a rise in hate in crimes, in the headlines, and on social networks. In the face of hate, I need hope. How about you?

Music and…

Creating music is frequently cathartic for me. When I’ve been grieving or experiencing personal change, the muse moves me to improvise or compose. Feelings like fear and sadness can be inspiration. In this case, they were just that.

Once I realized that I wanted to compose this suite of instrumental pieces, I contemplated the many things that give rise to hope in me. (I had to pause my series of singer-songwriter releases in order to create this suite. It was worth it for the inner voyage.) In the list of titles, you’ll see a few of the things that made my shortlist: heART (art made with heart), breath, children, community, dance, and inspiration (“inspire”). Which of these provide you with hope? And what else gives you hope when you need it?

Hope Sweet

I’ll tell more about each of these pieces and inspirations in the coming days. But that’s enough words for now. Please listen to a song or two from “Hope Suite”. I’ve queued up Dance for your enjoyment.

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