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Love Piano Keys - the image of a piano keyboard used in the cover art for Jaydn, Opus 1-5.

A #piano #improv EP inspired by love

Love Sunrise I have loved many people, pets, and — yes — even things in my life. Many of them have been passing fancies. Others were deeply dedicated commitments that I enslaved myself to and paid the cost. Only a few have been pure loves that I hold tenderly in my heart to this day.

Thankfully, I’ve learned from my experience. This has allowed me to become the sort of person who could attract a healthy, beautiful, wonderful partner. And thanks to some amazing synchronicity and life-path orchestrations, that is exactly what happened.

My wife is an amazing inspiration in my life. Her way of being is so complementary to mine that in the short time we’ve been a couple, I’ve been repeatedly astounded at the ways and number of times we’ve created a “perfect” synergy. (Oh, sure. Nothing in this life is perfect, so I’ll put it in quotes so you know that it’s just a way for me to describe what happens.) Those synergies have taught each of us new lessons and our trust in the relationship has grown.

Love Piano KeysEarly in our courtship, the piano improvisations flowed from my fingers. I managed to get low-grade recordings of a few of them and shared them with Jaydn. As time went on, we — like so many couples — became focused on a myriad of other important things.

Still, healthy people ask for what they want. One recent day, Jaydn told me that she hoped I would record some of my improvisations inspired by her again, so I secretly recorded the first three in this EP. I surprised her one day by playing them back on her phone. She responded with tears in her eyes, “You really get me.” That’s the best thing I can imagine hearing about an improvisation inspired by her.


These five pieces became this piano EP named Jaydn (opus 1-5) and is available for purchase by clicking the “buy” button on this music player. I hope it reminds you of the inspirations that can come to you through genuine love.

If you’re interested in some of the music technology behind this EP, you can read about it in my previous post.

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