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Upright Lullaby ("Puppy Love") cover

Upright (Puppy Love) Lullaby – #piano #improv

There’s nothing like new love. And that’s true when that new love is a puppy, too. (I suggest that you press play here and listen while you read.)

Puppy Love

Our home has been abuzz for the past few weeks. We have a new member of the household and she is a bundle of joy. Well, she also can be a handful. In case you don’t know puppies, they pee a lot and gnaw on almost everything.

So my spouse and I have had the sleepless nights and joyous romps of puppy heaven. Truly, she is a blissful and messy wonder. I’m so taken with her.

The Love of Puppies

A puppy resting next to a fireplace

Maybe this will change with time, but right now the pup can’t be in the music studio. Remember that thing about gnawing everything? Well, the studio is full of cables, cords, small gadgets, and so much more that would look like fun to a teething puppy. But the fun would end quickly, so I’m choosing to keep her out of this room for now.

Fortunately, there’s a hallway that’s perfect for a little dog bed just outside the studio. This allows her to rest and listen while I work. I am very curious about what she thinks of music, but it’s not at all clear. Sometimes, having a soundtrack seems to lull her to sleep. Other times, I wonder if it is unsettling for her. Who knows?

Puppy Lullabies

A puppy looking very interested in whatever it's looking at

No matter what, this puppy is already a huge inspiration to me. Besides her frolicking excitement and restful moments, just the addition of another being to our household has changed things. I’m being called to look at my reactions to her and her behaviors. This introspection is a blessing.

The pandemic and corresponding shelter-in-place was inviting to me in some ways. Unfortunately, it encouraged my introversion in ways that are sometimes unhealthy. Interacting with a puppy is snapping me out of that.

So there’s a dynamic that I find ironic and funny in this. Let me see if I can tell you what I mean: I was lulled into my introversion. In other words, the pandemic was like a negative lullaby for me in some ways. Now, the puppy who is inspiring me to come out of that slumber is also the muse for my next lullaby.

I Appreciate You

Thanks for listening and reading. “Upright (Puppy Love) Lullaby” is available at BandCamp and all music streaming services.

By the way, the “upright” in the title refers to the original version being improvised on an upright piano. My VIP supporters have come up with a few other meanings for that word. What did you think of when you read the word “upright” in this title?

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