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Sunset Early Summer

Early Summer Images In The Finger Lakes

Sunrise over a treeline with wispy clouds

Early summer is beautiful. I find this beauty in the Finger Lakes. So, I want to show you why I’m so inspired by these local scenes. I know I can never get this beautiful landscape across with photos. That’s why I hope I can give you just a taste.

At this time of year, people come to our region for a number of reasons. First of all, they visit for the waterfalls. Next, comes the great outdoors activities from boating to the wine trail.

Early Summer

An early summer garden filled with colorful flowers

Though I am drawn to Wintertime, most people find early Summer to be wonderful here. All the foliage is bursting with life and the waterfalls are gushing. Hiking and bicycling become hugely popular all over this region.

Early summer storm clouds above a treeline

One of the reasons for the lush grass, trees, flowers, and waterfalls is — of course — the rains that often extend beyond late Spring here. Most of these rains came within a few weeks this year, so our little waterfalls seemed huge.

A tiny waterfall turns into a torrent
Early summer rain clouds in the Finger Lakes region

Imagery Inspiration

Naturally, I know that every place has beauty in early summer or any time. All we have to do is look for it. I’m only telling and showing you about where I live because this is where I am.

Thanks for dropping by. Be sure to let me know what’s beautiful where you live.

Taughannock Falls through bright green (early summer) foliage
Taughannock Falls seen through the forest during early summer in the Finger Lakes

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