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Waterfall In Gorgeous Gorges

Waterfall – Gorgeous Gorges (video)

Waterfall In Gorgeous GorgesMoving water has always fascinated me. Whether it’s in a stream, faucet, ocean, or full-flowing waterfall, I enjoy the sound and the mesmerizing motion of it. Does it inspire me? Yes. And I don’t think I’m alone. There must be millions of images of waterfall inspiration alone on the internet.

One of the results for me is that I often try to capture this beauty on my video camera. Now that this technology is packed into my phone, I’m really dangerous.

The joy of this is that I was able to collect a series of stream, rapids, and waterfall videos into a visual backdrop for one of the compositions (based on an improvisation, of course) from my album/CD Disappointment and Delight, “Seascape”. Even though the musical piece was inspired by the ocean, I think you’ll find that the “flow” of the music matches the water in motion well. Let me know what you think in the comments here or on my video channel.


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