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Dramatic Clouds for a Treeline Sunset

Finger Lakes’ Clouds and Beauty

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Finger Lakes Favoritism

Tree BlossomsWet leafMaybe I’m finally learning to love what is. I’ve lived in many places and the one where I live now is my favorite.

Just a few years ago, I moved to my new home near Ithaca, New York, USA. I moved here for romantic love first and the natural beauty of the area second.

The region has five, nearly finger-shaped lakes plus several additional, smaller lakes. Not surprisingly, we call them The Finger Lakes.

Finger Lakes Beauty

Taughannock Falls (2)Waterfall near Black Diamond TrailThis area in upstate New York is so beautiful. The natural features and the seasonal changes are lovely to see. And this year has been no different. Though the rains have dampened some of the outdoor adventures I might have longed for, they have made our gardens and gorges look spectacular.

The gorge waterfalls are a well-known feature of the region. It’s no surprise that both the sound and sights of the waterfalls are truly mesmerizing. Taughannock Falls is a spectacular waterfall about a mile from the west shore of Cayuga Lake. Many of the large area waterfalls have trails to their base and around their rim to the delight of both locals and visitors.

Finger Lakes Luck

Nearly clear skies for this sunsetPink Bloom Fruit TreeLucky me: I get to share a few of the awesome scenes from this most recent season. I hope you enjoy them at least half as much as I do.

Enjoy the natural beauty where you are. If you don’t see it, I’m sure that it’s just a short hike or drive away.

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