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Goin’ Back – On the trickiness of reviewing one’s own art

Musicians can arrange a song in so many beautiful ways. I’ve included videos of three versions of Carole King and Gerry Goffin’s “Goin’ Back” to illustrate this point.

Thinking Back

In 2001, I released my first album, Disappointment and Delight. It was a collection of instrumental improvisations that I had layered with additional instruments for several years. Eventually, I found the courage to put it out as a CD. (Yes, compact discs still existed in those days. 😆)

I still remember a day two years later when a friend asked me if she could use a particular piece for a dance performance. Though I had worked for years to complete the album, I had to break the shrink-wrap on one of the CDs in order to listen to how that piece sounded. It felt very odd and even a little sad that I was so disconnected from my own music-making.

Forward and Back

Though my current project — an album of songs this time — is very fresh, I’ve started to go back over the songs. In nearly every one, I’ve found traces of my ongoing story: my personal journey; my development as a digital recording artist; my experience with my own voice and the other instruments I use; and more. Additionally, I have found a few things that I want to add or subtract from some of the arrangements.

Reviewing the songs for my “Dream This” album has also verified my interest in crowdsourcing a choir on one of the last two songs. My plan is to include a local choir and the improv ensemble Out Of The Blue. Plus, there are a number of people who have joined in either locally or from faraway to add their voices. I’m very excited about this “choir”.

Goin’ Back

Besides being enthused about this album content, I am very happy that I’m donating all proceeds to ChildHelp. And I appreciate all of you who contribute to the prevention of child abuse and care for children. Thank you.

Since I released my first album, I’ve learned a lot about self-reflection and review of my own creations. And still, I have so much I am learning.

6 thoughts on “Goin’ Back – On the trickiness of reviewing one’s own art”

  1. Going back is tricky indeed! But so rich with possibility. Your thoughtfulness in this process is a great example. Good luck with the current project!

    1. Yes, so rich. I’m finding the process quite rewarding.
      You are so stellar at sharing your creative process. Plus, you have such a delightful sense of humor about it all. That’s a great example to me as a “recovering serious person”.

      Playful blessings,

      P.S. I still want to be Peter Pan.

  2. Writing, producing, engineering and promoting your own work is a huge accomplishment. You have a lot to reflect on and be proud of.

    1. Well, you would know given the number of songs I’ve heard from your own efforts.
      Thanks for stopping by and being such a wonderful support & friend.

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