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No sunset for kindness

#JBK – a poem linking justice and kindness

What if the world were flat
Oh, yes: I know it was never flat,
But the phrase just twisted itself
Out into my poem anyway.

What if kindness really has no prerequisite?
Well, that’s actually true.
You don’t have to know,
Learn, or
Actualize anything.
That’s why we say
Be Kind.

And that’s the odd thing:No sunset for kindness
Though you don’t have to precede
A kind act with any warning,
It is an act of justice
(However topsy-turvy that
May appear at first glance)
When you create a moment

Of kindness.

~ spontaneously created (improvised, unedited) by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright 2017 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.
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