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Field Of Clouds

A #StayAtHome #Photo Gallery – part 3

Thanks for viewing these photos. I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place and pray that I never lose my sense of wonder when I see sights like these.

While you’re here, be sure to check out parts one and two. 👇


Pink Blazing Sunrise

(Click on the photos to see a larger version.)

Everything about clouds fascinates me. The amount of diversity, simplicity, and glory in these hovering masses of airborne H2O is always visually stimulating.

Since my sister and I enjoy sharing cloud photos, she gave me this wonderful book: The Cloudspotters Guide. Not only is it informative, but over time, it has helped me to appreciate clouds even more.

Blue Peeking Through

Stay Home Sunrise

The Finger Lakes — where I live — are known for the sudden storms that can appear suddenly out of what seems like nowhere. Of course, they also disappear often enough in the same fashion.


Pink And Blue

One of the fun things about naming photos is that I never know what will pop into my head. “Commemoration” is a good example.

Fired Up

Fire Bowl

My wife and I appreciate the natural state of the land we live on. Now, this does not mean that we never add our own touches. This fire bowl is a recent addition to our backyard. It’s an enjoyable addition, especially for the cool nights.

I won’t bore you with any more words (other than the titles). Here are three more photos.

Fuzzy Logic

Field Of Clouds

I’m Sure You Get It

I Heard You Like Pink

Face It

Taughannock Falls Almost Summer

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