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Clouds or an Approaching Thunderstorm

Clouds – an #improv #poem – with original photos

Eyes closed;
Just a brief moment.

Upstate Clouds RockOpen:
now there are wispy bits
where only blue had been.

Seconds later,
they turn
themselves into frothing
bits of colorlessness,
forming almost everywhere
that I can see in that
skyward direction.

I start to
walk towards home,
grey had taken over those
unassuming clouds.
Clouds in Cloud-lovers ParadiseThe air cools and
what had been breeze
is now bluster.

In a distance, I hear
the cr-ack of thunder.
Its electrical light show
is not here yet.

As I move up the trail,
I have the sense of looming
pursuers. Yet all I can see
are clouds and forest.

Slow heart!
Breathe deep!
My body seems unwilling
to listen.
It is caught up in the
Bring It On Cloudsanticipation born of the bang,
cr-ack, hovering masses of
moisture, and expectant

Should I run?
Or should I bathe in the
inescapable deluge
of cloud moisture
becoming rain gushing?

If I run, I am alive.
And I will know it.

If I stay and get
a cold shower of
heaven’s waterfall,
Clouds of Approaching ThunderstormI certainly will know
sensation and

It is inevitable:

The skies pour forth
droplets and then flow
with splashes of wetness
as clouds, gravity, and wind
collaborate to drench me.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2018 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

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