Wind and Sea – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

Maui Wind And Sea KitesBillowing like a sail or a kite
Fighting to gain a hold on the wind,
My heart opens to the
Changing is such a normal thing.
I cannot deny the change.
It is the infinite view in the
Infinitesimal pinhole into
My heart’s sight.

I see it.
I am it.

(This shift comes from the shape-shifter.
The old shape was brought on by
Outside forces.
No. It was an inside job,
Responding to outside forces,
But always on its own initiative.)

Now, it climbs the mast and
Makes its way in spite of pounding
Seas to set a course for
The life that has been calling
To me over the years;
For all of time.
Sails do, indeed, unfurl
And press the bow into seas
Whether playful or in a tirade;
Neither are fearful.
All sorts of sailing can be
Found in this
To seek that bliss-filled desire
Which I know is mine
For the taking.

Now, the storm has
Subsided and I stand
On the deck.
My gut fills with a
Longing that seeks an
Object, but which I know
Is the heart’s longing
For itself.
And in that realization,
A chill raises goose flesh and
Pounds a pulse, demanding
A response that is more than the
“Sufficient” past.
It must be

It is in that moment
That I cast aside the chain of the
Past and dive
Into the ocean.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013 by muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

Maui Wind And Sea Shore

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