Maui Juicy Sunset

Juicy – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

Maui Juicy Sunset

Flow into your life
With whatever subtlety or
Bravado you want.

Either way, you will be
Accepted in these
Receptive walls and halls.

You can decorate later.
For now, just drink up
What life is offering

To you every day.
Don’t ignore the bits
You’ve made yourself:

They are just as juicy
As the gifts you are
Receiving from others.

And you can never
Measure the love
That flows both

From you and to you.
In this ebb or that
Flood, you will know

Your loved ones by
Their open eyes and
By their open hands.

Greet them with a hug.
They are not likely
To reject your offering,

For they, too, are
Hungering for the
Connection of

Human contact and
Whatever is beyond
That. Enter in with

Joy and love.
That way, fear will not
Regain the control

It once held. It
Is not your ruler —
Just a warning shot

Across your bow
To remind you to give
Attention to all things:

Flow, subtlety, bravado,
Receptivity, giving,
Accepting. Now.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013 by muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.