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Looking Sideways

Looking Sideways – an improv #poem

Alone in the bustling airport —
And yes, you know it’s some sort of
Oxymoron to call it alone —
Christmas Eve seemed like
A hollow vessel compared with
It could be worseYour original expectations.

Even the prospect of repeated
Rituals and those hugs that hurt
Your neck seemed blissful
Compared to the prospect of
This particular aloneness.
Of course, you knew that any
Separation from your lover
Would bring up that now
Too familiar longing.
So the family hubbub would
Serve at least to distract you;
Looking sideways on the holidaysGive you a sweet interaction
To focus on and enjoy.
But now a missed flight
Has left you in this
Unexpected holiday exploration.

Perhaps your lover’s inspired way
Of viewing the world
Helped lead you to seek the holy
In this common experience.
Whatever it was that led you there,
To your surprise, the list
Of sacred moments trailed on
Into the night:
Looking sideways on the holidaysPages of noticing and sightings,
Photos of loveliness and loneliness,
Joys shared with strangers,
And little delights from loved ones.

What you thought was hollow emptiness
Filled with fearful pitfalls
Turned out to be dense, deep fullness
Of your own compassion and gratitude.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013, 2014 by muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Looking Sideways – an improv #poem”

  1. I find it cool that three of us creative/spiritual bloggers all wrote very different but related pieces this Christmas about when things don’t go as planned…but still end up offering us sweet gifts. You offered here your inspired poem that came out of your missed flight. I wrote about a cancelled Christmas Eve church service. Brene Brown wrote about finding her holiday magic in the mess. Three different takes on the same theme: going with what’s real in life…even the parts that aren’t so neatly orchestrated…and finding the treasures in those shifts and slips and unknowns and vulnerabilities. Merry Christmas, Stan!

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