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Little Graces – a #poem by Stan Stewart

Too many images
Flood the space in my subconscious
Seemingly demanding

Some beautiful
Wistful sunbathing
Holding you in the surf
A reality now become a dream
With the edge of winter
And our temporary separateness

Some filled with a strange sense of
In the midst of a reality of
So much that’s incomplete

Weird mixtures of Facebook and
Real human interactions
And since they are all in
The dream realm
I know that they come with no judgment

Judgments only come if I add them in

So for now I drink it all down
Like so much coffee
On a weary morning
Little Graces (sunset on the Oregon coast)
I notice the gratitude
That seems to hover in my mind
Continually these days
It is there now
Not amassing fortunes
Just noticing them

The graces they bring to my life
And my own internal graces
That are exposed

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013, 2014 by muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Little Graces – a #poem by Stan Stewart”

  1. This is really lovely Stan. Noticing the gratitude hovering in my mind as I read this poem…

    love to you and Jaybird

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Deb!

      And really appreciate any feedback from you who I respect so much as an artist.

      Love & blessings back,

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