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#interplayful – 30 days of 30 #piano #improv plays

Here comes 30 days, 30 plays. But not the kind of plays on a stage in the theatre. 😉

Improv Plays

Each piece will be created spontaneously in the moment and inspired by a daily prompt. Why? Because at the end of this 30-day challenge, we will celebrate the annual “International Day of InterPlay“. Over its history, InterPlay has truly become a worldwide movement. For this and many other reasons, I’m glad to be part of it.

InterPlay Plays

Based on the idea that we can unlock the wisdom of the body, InterPlay offers many events and untensives around the world. In recent years, this organization has emphasized leadership by millennials and people of color.

Undergirding this movement are a core group of concepts and improvisational forms. These forms have been key elements in the transformation of many people who thought that they could no longer contact their creativity and sense of playfulness.

I’m so grateful to InterPlay for helping me as a recovering serious person. It pays to play.

The Plays So Far

Since I’m only a few days into the challenge, here’s what I’ve created so far. Thanks for playing … I mean listening. (Click on the photo to read more about the prompt, the form, or whatever else struck my fancy about each of the piano improvisations.)

Interplayful 01 - creating magic

InterPlay 2 - photo by Mohamed Hassan

InterPlay 03 - photo by Chance Agrella

InterPlayful 04 - Body Babble

Whale near shore - photo by Geoffrey Whiteway

InterPlayful 06 - Storm WhisperWords640

Keep following along. As you can tell, there are lots more improvisations to come! “The play’s the thing!”