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InterPlay Moth

InterPlay (rocks my world and more) a spontaneous, improv poem

InterPlay and the Players Who Play It

InterPlay light and intentionYou stretch out with intention
Filling the room with love.
Every movement a prayer
And every sounding a song.

There is more than this.
Some is far beyond what
I can speak in words.
They fall short and seek

To suspend disbelief in
A way unmapped, undiscovered.
You will simplify and amplify
The beauty of you anyway.

InterPlay 2018 LeadersYour creation is a beacon,
A heart that had not awakened
Ever before in me. Not even
When you sighed and asked

Can you come forth now?
What? Even then, my voice
Was dumbfounded.
Still you beckoned and called,

Asking me to come out of
Cocoons of my own making.
You drifted and called,
Never pressing,

Only answering the callInterPlay Moth
That I made to you.
Ironic, iconic, expectant:
You reached out and said:

Do this. I answered in kind.
And though I feared I would
Flail, your call was only
Strength and centeredness.

~ spontaneously created by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright 2018 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.
~ Inspired by the 2018 InterPlay Leaders Conference and especially the POC there.