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Red-Tail – an #improv #poem about a hawk

Trigger warning: the hawk in this poem and quote is deceased.

Redtail Hawk FeatherIn life,
majestic sky-flyer,
you inspired me

By flying
above it all.

Your ability to
soar, with or
without the wind,

Never ceased to
tell the story of your

In tranquil
and terrifying terms.

I suspect
that your talons
ripped the life

From many a
tiny creature:

Some considerably smaller
than you and
probably a few

Who were your
size or

Even larger.
In death,
you continue to inspire.

For reasons unfathomable,
you called on us — we humans,
no matter what our

Walk of life or
view of the world —
to honor

Your carcass
strewn so sadly
on the pavement.

Redtail Hawk Feather HighlightRed-tailed one:
call us to a more
thoughtful life;

Bring us back to
our sense of
connection; and

Keep us mindful
of the beauty of
your ferocious and
tender ways.

~ spontaneously composed (improvised) by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2018 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.