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Shuttered – Photos In Isolation and Connection

Here’s the connection: I couldn’t think of much to write. It’s hard to connect with writing right now. But I’m still taking photos. So I am sharing a few with you today.

These days of physical distancing are surreal. Perhaps that’s why the realness of nature is so predominant in these images.

Now, you can also see part two and the third (and final) segment of the stay-at-home gallery.

Storm Brewing

At some point, it became obvious that a storm was brewing. Some regions responded quickly and appropriately. Some are reeling with the dangerous repercussions of not being prepared.

Dawn Comes Anyway

All of these photos were taken within about six miles of each other. Like so many of our friends, neighbors, and family, my wife and I are “sheltering in place“.

Well, sort of. We find solace in the beautiful lands around our home, so we hike and connect with friends out in the open where being two meters apart is easy.

Gorge Love

The Finger Lakes region of New York is famous for its gorges and waterfalls. One of the most spectacular is an easy hike from our home: Taughannock Falls.

This waterfall is so amazingly beautiful and powerful that it can be challenging to turn away. But like the pandemic, being riveted by a single thing distracts us from all of the other things that could catch our attention or inspire us.

Turn Your Head

That’s right: looking the other way can prove to be a very powerful shift. In the case of Taughannock Falls, when I turn around, I find that there are very different and deeply inspiring scenes. Here’s a view of Cayuga Lake from above Taughannock gorge.

The Sunrise Is Real

My wife and I have begun to notice what’s good. This noticing does not mean that we aren’t challenged by this time. Grief and fear are real, too. They are gripping so many of our friends as the health and financial repercussions of this pandemic begin to sink in.

In the face of all this, we realize how important it is to take stock of the hopeful moments. What is your hope?

The truths of this time in human history can propel us to do good and heighten our connection with each other. That is where our attention is drawn now.

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