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Music losses are the elephant in the living room

Music Losses: The Elephant In The #COVID19 Room

I don’t know if I’ll leave this post here. It’s difficult to predict if the music losses will be short or long term. But it became obvious that anything I could write about would be avoiding the most prevalent and obvious subject: coronavirus or COVID-19.

Don’t Work: Stay Safe

Music losses may not be the biggest thing. My day job has already notified all the students and staff that they must not travel to the highest-risk countries. They’ve also asked all staff to test their home access to all of their job functions. The risks of coronavirus are obviously high if large universities are preparing for “the worst”.

music losses to covid-19

Everywhere, I hear of waves of change and caution as organizations and individuals prepare for whatever may be coming. Though our federal government tried to make things seem quaint and safe, the statistics indicate that nearly everyone will be affected either directly or via the ones they love. COVID-19 is clearly more pervasive than any respiratory disease I’ve experienced in my lifetime.

Live Music Losses

Already, there have been many music losses across the live scene. Several large music festivals like Austin’s SXSW and Miami’s Ultra have been canceled. Small venues are also concerned about live music losses. Since every aspect of my life seems to be affected, I’m wondering if my upcoming gigs are at risk. I’m hearing very similar stories from my local friends in the music scene.

Music losses are the elephant in the covid-19 living room

Some local venues are hanging in there. Others are starting to question the safety of having so many people pressed together to hear bands and solo acts. (Many Ithaca venues are very small and force people to be much closer than the recommended 6-feet apart.)


My wish is that everyone reading this will survive the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, I hope you don’t suffer at all. Honestly, I hope this same thing for all my loved ones and myself as well. Why wouldn’t everyone want this? I assume and hope that you do, too.

Be well, my friends and readers. And may all manner of things be well.

Meanwhile, I’m going to assume that humanity will survive. I’ll keep posting here. I hope you’ll be along for the ride. Thanks!