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Gorge Waterfall

Life is Gorgeous (Gorges) – Listen and Learn

Waiting for Life

Life - Disappointment and DelightLike many people I know who often have creative ideas, I have been known to procrastinate. I’ve been collecting moving water moving pictures for many years.I had intended — in various degrees over many months — to turn them into an online video. Finally, a couple of months ago, I (at long last) pulled them together into one long “stream”. As I watched the video, I wanted to create new music for it, but I kept hearing a song from my first CD album, Disappointment and Delight.

Thinking of that album reminded me repeatedly of how much my life has changed over the years. I remembered sitting at a tiny keyboard in the back entry way of my California home and improvising the pieces that became this collection of arrangements. At that time, I was just getting started in my technology job, so the demands were more limited. Thanks to my overblown perfectionism, I meticulously saved each of the improvisations (on what we’d now consider to be an archaic MIDI file player). Over the next two years, I would arrange them into the album that became Disappointment and Delight. One of my favorite tracks on that album was (and is) “Seascape“. That’s the piece that became the soundtrack for this newer video. (Keep reading. It’s coming up after a few small paragraphs for your viewing and listening pleasure.)
Life - Gorge Waterfall

Making Life Gorgeous

Through a series of failed relationships, attempts to be a full-time music-maker, tech jobs where I did not earn what I was worth, and finding many good friends along the way, I learned a lot. And I continued to learn — mostly from my mistakes — over the years. I keep making music and working a day job. I’m married to a woman who is a blessed match for me. It’s all good.

Best of all, I am finding lots of inspiration from the people and experiences in my life. I do this by appreciating what I have and creating more. I do this by loving my wife and my friends. I do this by enjoying nature and good music (whether I’m listening or making it myself).

Gorgeous Gorges

Just like the gorges in this video, life isn’t all “perfect”. There are bumps along the way. And like the water, I (or you) can choose to churn in one place or we can flow, carrying the lessons of the bump without letting it define everything.

I hope you enjoy the video…and your life.

Playful blessings,

4 thoughts on “Life is Gorgeous (Gorges) – Listen and Learn”

  1. Absolutely Gorgeous! Love the music so much, Love the water! Love the Snow! Love this, Stan, it reminds me of home! The snow laden trees hanging over the stream actually choked me up… Beautiful Job! Just Love it! Always, T* THANK YOU!!!!

    1. I appreciate you watching and listening. Those streams and trees often “choke me up”, too.

      Stop by any time!
      Playful blessings,

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