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maximize creativity: get outside into nature

I swear I thought of it first. But I’ll never be able to prove it. Well, actually, I don’t think I thought of it first. I just had it as an idea for a blog and didn’t act on it. In the meantime, there’s been another ground-swell of interest.

In what? In getting into nature in order to enliven creativity and improves one’s general well-being. Everywhere from Huffington Post to the Wall Street Journal as well as the prominence of the excellent work of Jonah Lehrer have brought these ideas into the public eye again.

As if computers were not enough to keep us glued to the phosphor and inside, the increase in smartphone and small electronic pad (iPad and it’s competitors) use keeps us connected to technology more than to nature. Yet, studies mentioned by Lehrer indicate that the most basic contact with nature (such as hiking) increase creative thought. So, as much as the smartphone and mini-pad may provide us with tools for our artistic work, nature can provide us with even more if we will just get outside.

Scout IsI have the good fortune of having a beloved dog as a member of our household. At least three times a day, he needs to get outside and “do his business.” Even these short meanders into the outdoors — which sometimes involves nature — provide me with just the breath of fresh air that my day often needs. I can no longer count on my fingers and toes the number of times that walking the dog has made the difference in my work, creativity and relationship. As I walk by the vegetation and pay close attention to this little being by my side, my breathing and then attitude so often shift. My perspective changes and that changes everything.

Hiking and kayaking are other ways that I enjoy getting into nature. While these are not as regular as I might like, they are also a way to provide an important shift during a weekend. I am reminded in these moments how much I appreciate a sunrise, sunset, clouds, scampering critter, birds of prey and so on.

What would really be great is hearing from you about your experiences with nature. How often do you get into the outdoors? When you do, does anything change? Do you find nature inspiring?

I look forward to hearing from you. Not sure what to say? Take a walk outside… 🙂
Playful blessings,

10 thoughts on “maximize creativity: get outside into nature”

  1. And I always thought that it was My idea that being out in nature enhances my creative juices. My favorite routine is to work outside in the afternoon for two or three hours and then go into the studio. When I spend time outside first, there is usually not a problem getting started once I’m inside. Thanks, Stan!

    1. It probably was you, Susan. 😉
      I enjoy your idea of extending this into working outside. I would have to say that my thoughts were more along the lines of playing outside so that I could do my creative work. There I go. A whole theme for another post.

      Thanks for your response and for your great addition to the discussion.

      Playful blessings,

  2. well at the moment here in the Uk it is a bit wet to say the least .. but on good days I like to sit outside and listen to the birds and watch them flitting from, branch to branch, the sounds and sights always fire the pen I have at the ready spilling out onto the waiting pages of my notebook – another place though I have to mention is the sea – does it every time – indeed I recall one poem coming straight of the back of the most awful day – absolute torrential rain and a coach of children there for the day on a school outing but to see them still running across the sands and splashing in the puddles and running out to sea, was such a joy – called it neon pink wellies as one of them wore the most vividly bright pink wellington boots – when they came up form the beach they were a sight – but oh so happy – it spread – thanks for letting me share this – have a great day a lovely blog – Lib

    1. Thanks for the comment and the feedback, Lib!
      Yes, all my UK friends have been saying how soggy it is there. And as you mention, wet is relative: rain may dampen our spirits at time, but oceans (and lakes and rivers) can often be bringers of big inspiration and joy.

      I love your story about splashing in pink wellies in the puddles! A friend of mine recently took video of his son splashing in rain puddles and the look on his face was 100% joy.

      Full circle … water can be such an inspiration.

      Playful blessings,

  3. This is our life mantra. We’re currently on a three-week excursion into the mountains of Montana and Alberta. The creative juices are already flowing! Almost all of our creative work is in direct response to experiences in nature for the last 4 years.

    Thanks for this post!

    1. Greg,

      So great to “hear” from you on my blog. What an awesome life mantra. And I know that you truly are living it.

      Many playful blessings,

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