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Birthday morning with Scout on my knee

#Poem – zen and the art of walking the dog

I’ve been so distracted lately.
I was laid off in September.
Now it’s December and I’m
Looking for my new livelihood

Since I have no job,
I’ve been commissioned with
Walking the dog three times a day.

Scout IsI like that I used the word
So much more true-to-form than
“Job” or “Work” or even
I’m not sure that anything but
Livelihood and maybe vocation
Fit for me right now.

Technology? I have the experience.
Music? I love it.
Social media? Hmmm.
What about my relationship?
In the midst of all this effort
To recreate myself, how do I
Continue to be attentive…

…and so much more was going
Through my mind every time I
Walked the dog.

Today, I had an epiphany.
Not the huge revelation where
The sky opens up or I hear the voice of God.
Not a complex moment at all.
Something very simple.
Something quite blissful, as well.
While walking the dog, I was
(wait for  it)

Walking the dog.

~ by Stan Stewart
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