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#Poem – gifts

Lights around a tree
And a shiny ball
Have been hung
There by you to
Celebrate giving.

My sense of celebration
Is on the wane this time
External changes have
Affected me and I am
Longing for abundance
While experiencing

When I stretch to the
End of my being,
I see that there is
More. Yet I
Cannot ignore the
Way that fear and
Joy vacillate in
My body and mind
Right now.

I did not understand
How much control
The externals of my
Life had taken hold
Until some of them
Dropped away.Winter Tree
Now: naked in the light
Of my own creative
Desire, I see that
I must construct
Myself from the ground

The externals point
To the presents.
They are tangible,
Physical, and valued
In the monetary sense
Of the word.

The internals —
My being, your being,
Our all being somehow,
Strangely, beautifully
One —
Are instead about

This being present
Is the one gift I am
Ready to give
To myself
And to the world.

~ by Stan Stewart

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