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Lonely Summer – a #poem

I had forgotten how
Looming the sense
Of loneliness
Can be in the
Heat of Summer.Summer Kayaking Sky photographed by Stan Stewart
With its glowing bands
Of heat, stretching over
Sun and sand,
This season above
All others
Is the one that
Accentuates being

Yet, these aging eyes
Can see the glow that
Comes into those
Filled with young love.
Theirs is a different
Vantage point.
They do not yet know
The vistas of longing
That come with age.

(Holding hands
Means sweaty palms.
A potent, Summer
Reminder that
You really have
To love the other
Enough to look past
The reality of being
An embodied soul.)

For now, I embrace
Lonely HauntsThat is the antidote
To this loneliness:
To hold dearly
And become
Familiar with the
Very person that
Is lonely. And
I think that it is
The remedy because
Lonely is just
Another way of
Saying: “I long
To relate with
Another person
Partly to avoid
My fear of
Intimacy with myself.”

~ spontaneously created by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013, by muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

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