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Sunset at a cemetary

Of Holidays and Puppy Love

Love wins. You see, that’s really what I’m writing about today.


Encore Love - Sunset at a cemetary

In the USA, we commemorated Memorial Day yesterday. On this day, we honor the dead from wars fought by our country. But for many, this is also yet another “Monday holiday” that signals the beginning of the barbeque season. This year, with a sense of hope that the pandemic might be waning, people around the country are eager to meet up with friends.

Over the weekend, a local theatre ensemble portrayed soldiers and mothers who loved them. They “staged” this in a local cemetery. In addition, they were donating all proceeds to a local charitable cause. To support them and the charity, my spouse and I joined several friends to attend their performance.

I felt proud to have neighbors who were willing to study, create, and perform in this way. You see, they were serious and attentive in the way they presented these characters. Each one chose a headstone, researched the story behind it, and developed their dramatic reading. By doing this, they honored both the dead and those who were left behind.

Puppy Love

Just a week earlier, my wife and I adopted a puppy from a nearby rescue shelter. This new member of our household is a delight and a handful. First, she’s only about three months old. Secondly, her demeanor shifts between pure joy and incessant neediness. Obviously, this is not a surprise. As you probably know, young puppies are often like this.

Most of all, her loyalty and love are a wondrous example of unconditionality. No matter what, she wants to be close to both of us. If only one of us is in the room, she becomes insecure and looks for the other person. The point is: she loves us always. As you can imagine, we love her dearly, too.

Funny Love

Here’s what I find funny about this post: I thought I didn’t have time to come up with an idea and write anything. But all I had to do was compose a “journal” entry and share it with you. As always, I’d love to hear what’s up with you.

And soon enough, I’ll release more music. With all this love in my world, I am inspired. Yes, there are two works already in-process. For today, thanks for dropping by.

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