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Lullabies and Love Songs

Lullabies and Love Songs (A Wee Suite)

This suite is sweet. For this and many other reasons, I don’t want to say too much about it. Thanks for listening to “Lullabies and Love Songs“.

Sleepy-time Blessings

Parental love

I’m so happy that grandsons, a great-niece, and a great-nephew were the first inspirations for these pieces. Their presence in my life is so many riches of wonder and discovery. Every time they smile or turn their head just so, I feel how they enliven my life and their world. In fact, words will fall short, so it’s better to play a whimsical tune. Or two.

As I created this suite of music, I had to keep reminding myself to keep it simple. I have a tendency to keep adding layers when I orchestrate music — especially instrumentals. But this time, I kept the goal of simplicity always in the front of my thoughts. You’ll be the judge of how I did, of course. (And thank you for listening!)

Parents Need Love, Too

I hesitate to call these lullabies. They may or may not be the sort of music that can put you or anyone to sleep. But they were first inspired by thoughts of these children in my family safely sleeping.

As I continued to write these tracks, I started to remember that it’s not just the children who need lullabies and love songs. Parents and other caregivers need tenderness, care, and rest as well. So, thoughts of their needs also fed into the inspiration for these tracks.

Once my family members heard these tracks inspired by their children (and grandkids), they responded with words of gratitude almost immediately. Parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were all very kind in saying thank you.

Lullabies & Love Songs

But the response that touched me most was from one of the children when he and his sibling first listened to this suite. (He calls his grandmother “Nonna” and calls me “Fafa”.) First, he shushed his little brother to make sure they could listen. Then he said:

“Fafa made this music just for us! He didn’t make it for Nonna, just for us.”

Lullaby - rest well

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