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Only the hint of sunlight is beginning to light the silhouette of trees on the horizon.

No Sleep Tonight – a spontaneous #poem

No sleep tonight.
Deadlines run
Through my brain.
Though they are self-imposed
And perhaps self-indulgent
They will not turn off.

Is it better to get up?
To try to get something done?
Or does that small defeat
Mean that I have already
Lost myself to the night.

When I become still for a moment,
Only the crickets and cicadas
Are sounding in the midnight
I imagine that their song
Could lull me back to sleep.

It does not.
I lie down, trying to will sleep.
That only awakens my mind
Even further.

The insects go still for an instant,
Reminding me to follow my breath.

My next conscious thought is
Connected to the sweet music
Of my phone alarm clock.
It is singing of morning
And it’s drumbeat is the
Heartpulse in my chest.

~ spontaneously created on a sleepless night by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2019 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

No Sleep Tonight