Filtered Sunlight

Filtered Sunlight – an #improv #poem

I ride the path in the early morning. No humans intersect my meanderings. Gnats, mosquitoes, and those venomous white flies Bite […]

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No Dress Rehearsal – an #improv #micropoem

Life is not a drill. I don’t get to rehearse Until one day It’s suddenly The performance. Even when I […]

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Suspended Snow

Suspended – an #improv #poem

Suspended in this Digression from The season that has Supposedly arrived, I hang between snow And sun. Drawn to each […]

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Intermingled Seasons

Intermingled Seasons – an #improv #poem

Leftover leaves Crunch softly underfoot As I wander to the creekside. There The sunshine warms my face, Amplifying what fleece […]

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The Deep

The Deep – an #improv #poem

Covering the deep, Watery abyss Is a haunting, Menacing rock. It stays cold until The hottest days Of Summer. So […]

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catch the wave

Well – an #improv #poem

Well is a hole You dig to get water. Well is healthy (Especially after illness). Well is what happens To […]

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Sky, clouds, trees, and tears

Tears – #improv #poem

Tears So close to the edge They nestle against Nothing And the fabric of something that wants to work its […]

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Darkness and Light

Looking For Light

Death, like a vigilant watchman seems everywhere these days. From its cold November gatehouse and portcullis, It disseminates a reign […]

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Every Time

Every Time – an #improv #poem

Whatever I am right now, I have created out of the raw materials given to me. Every time I fall, […]

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Grace Confusion

grace – an #improv #poem

I didn’t see her fall the first time By the time I saw her lying there Two other passersby had […]

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