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Snowy Scene

Snowy Scene: I’m Inspired by Winter

Snowy weather inspires me. Though I am often in the minority, I love winter. Playing in the snow is a favorite pastime when it’s possible.

So, when a dear friend of mine asked to interview me, I found myself returning several times to the theme of winter. One of her questions was about the scene outside my window. That clinched it. I decided it was time to record some piano improvisations inspired by that snowy scene.

Snowy Scenes

Living in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York means that we usually get snow. I’m sure that the uncertainty of getting snow is part of what makes it so exciting to me when it does accumulate. Here is the first piano improvisation with scenes from the current wintertime.

Snow Danger

Snowy DriveIn my current job, I deliver Meals on Wheels to elderly folk and people with limited mobility. Since these people rely so much on the food we provide, we strive to get the meals to them no matter what the weather.

Winter Adventures

ISnowy Winter Tangle enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Even winter hikes are fun. With the right gear, it doesn’t even feel cold.

These scenes and improvisation are both reminders of icy trekking. There are wonderful — wind protected and beautiful — trails for wintry hiking in our area.

Snowy Beauty

Snowy MorningEven people who don’t enjoy being out in the snow often agree that it looks beautiful. One of the refrains I hear during the Finger Lakes winters is, “I like snow as long as I don’t have to drive in it.”

This image and improvisation were inspired by winter driving, however. (Needless to say, I had to pull off the road to capture this photo.)

I hope you enjoy the results of winter inspiration.

What would you like to see (and hear) me blog about next?


4 thoughts on “Snowy Scene: I’m Inspired by Winter”

  1. Sheesh! This is gorgeous, Stan! Improvisation amazes me. How can you sit down and play something and have it sound good?? This, to me, is magic. I know there’s a lot of knowledge and practice and training that goes into it, but dang. Sounds like magic to me.

    1. Brenna,
      In many ways, I consider it to be magic too. There are many times when I cannot explain how something so delightful came forth from my memory and fingers.
      Thanks for listening and confirming my suspicions…

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