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baby and mama

Mama and Baby – an improv poem of love

When the news came
About your fever
I was scared.
I feared first for you,
For your mama,
And your gran’mama.

How could your tiny
baby fingersWith its tiny fingers,
Toes, eyes, lips, and tongue
Stand against such an ailment.

Nonna was frightened too,
But she did not pause.
When the call came she ran
To care for your brother,
Your poppa and her daughter —
Who is your mama.

I stayed home and
Shared the scary news
About you in ICU
Only with a chosen few:
Trusted souls who would
Send the energy of
Wellness and healing
Straight to you and
To everyone at your bedside.

That’s just what they did.
I don’t always know what
I believe.
This is one case where
My faith is sure:
Those thoughts and
Sending wellness
Were a big part of what
Brought you back to health;
Coupled with the
Caring at your bedside —
Doctors, nurses, orderlies,
But not just the staff for
There is no comparisonbaby and sibling
With the care of a mama
And gran’mama,
Or poppa and sibling.

Of course, you were the biggest
Part of that shift.
Your mama told me you
Were a champ the
Whole time.
And I believe her.

~ improvised (composed spontaneously and unedited) by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2018 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

Here’s a short, live excerpt from a much longer improvised pipe organ piece I created on behalf of “the baby” during his stay in hospital/ICU: