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Filtered Sunlight

Filtered Sunlight – an #improv #poem

I ride the path in the early morning.
No humans intersect my meanderings.
Gnats, mosquitoes, and those venomous white flies
Bite at my shoulders and ankles.

If I were to succumb to the thoughts of the day
I would quickly be suctioned into the whirlpool of
Jobless, isolated despair.

Yet today, for reasons I cannot express in words,
I am drawn instead to the filtered sunlight
Strewn upon the trail ahead.

Painted there, those beams of visible light
Become a complete landscape of brilliant,
Artistic production.

This artist is well-known to us all:
Painter and sculptor extraordinaire,
Whose artworks are renown.

Perhaps this filtered sunlight
Is a reminder of something yet to come.

More likely, it is a harbinger to what
I already know and have been
Inexorably trying (unconsciously

Filtered SunlightAnd unceremoniously) to

In spite of the tenacity of the gnats,
I dismount my bicycle and ingest the
Glory of this filtered sunlight:

Its artwork and tapestry will take
Millenium to contemplate.

Let it be so.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright 2017 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.