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Snowy morning evergreen and forest

New Every Morning – an #improv #poem

Waking without an alarm
and waking without alarm
is like a simple gift.

Snowy morning branches no.1

When each morning
is a drive to work
from a drive to

survive, questions
run simplicity
out the door.

My thoughts are
of great things with
gigantic magnitudes

Snowy morning woods

too many times to
name. Today was
different. This morning

came without fanfare.
Eyes flickered open
of their own accord

and in their own, sweet
time. Though the daylight
of these days is

Snowy morning woods with evergreen

lengthening, winter
still holds sway so the
lack of light enfolds

my bed. Unhurried,
I allow the darkness
to become my friend

so that I can once again
flow to the keyboard.
There, with headphones

Snowy morning branches no.2

on (to avoid disturbing
my sleepmate),
I make morning music.

Sounds emit: some of them
made by my fingers’
meandering and some

of them only in the
ethereal orbits
beyond earthly tethers.

~ spontaneously created (improvised, unedited) by Stan Stewart (Sawyer)
~ poem and photographs: copyright © 2018 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

Snowy morning evergreen and forest
New Every Morning