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Your Favorite Tracks In 2018 – thanks for listening

The most important thing is for me to tell you

thank you!

You’re what made my musical year as great as it was. Thanks for listening, streaming, Shazaming, downloading, VIPing/subscribing, and much more. I appreciate you!

And now, without further ado…

I get more track plays (and royalties) from BandCamp than from all other music avenues combined. That’s why most of the play links will be from there.


Wreakless” was the song you played the most in 2018. The alternative/Cranberries mix was followed closely by the Americana version. This song was inspired by Dolores O’Riordan and The Cranberries when I first heard their music, but was recorded for the first time early this year. Thanks for listening!

Love Piano Keys

Your top choice for piano improvisations was “Jaydn (opus 2)”. This series of spontaneous instrumentals is (of course) dedicated to my wife.

Several of the “InterPlayful” series of piano improvisations also made the top ten. These included “Body Babbling” and “Gratitude”. This set of 30 spontaneous compositions was created in response to an InterPlay challenge resulting in a very intense month of recording!

Interdependence with Peace

Rounding out the BandCamp top-ten were instrumental tracks from “Interdependence Suite

and “Elements Suite” (which was exclusively released here).

The “other” top plays

Dance This from last year’s release, “Dream This“, comes in at number 10 across all the (non-BandCamp) streaming platforms and at number 5 on BandCamp. I especially appreciate your support of this song since it features my wife on improv and refrain vocals.

Other songs from “Dream This” that you played into the top-20 include “Snow Story” (piano/lounge version), “Confession:Reflection“, and “Love Is On Repeat“. Thank you!

People who use Apple Music continue to play “Painting Piano” tracks more than any other album. The top tracks are “Order Out of Chaos” and “Other Worlds”.

I was surprised to see two tracks from “Angels Suite” being played by listeners like you. The first is the rock, upbeat “Borrowed Angels” dedicated to my New Warrior friends.

The second is the very mellow “Angels Among Us (1)”. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear that the beat (or time signature) in this one is seven. As you know, 7 is a magical number.

Shazam says people wanted to know what the tracks were on “Disappointment and Delight“. In 2018, the most Shazamed pieces were “Vision” and “Dalton”.

Wayfaring Stranger continues to be the top played track on Spotify. According to their artist dashboard, it was played more than combined counts for other tracks through all streaming services. It’s from my live piano improv album, “Old Hymns for a New Age“.

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