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A cloudy sunrise over a lake forms the cover art for "Interdependence Suite"

Interdependence Suite – music for peace and kindness


Peace is the one thing that consistently allows human beings to thrive. When we are at war internally or externally, there is no way for us to engage in our fullness. On the other hand, when we are at peace, all things are possible.


Beach Interdependence and PeaceIf you’ve been reading my blog (especially my recent poems), you know that I have been thinking about interdependence. There are three poems with “interdependence” in the title:

I see interdependence in our relationships with each other, self, and the whole world.


Butterfly Effect and peaceBasically, we human beings rely on each other. We also are deeply connected to the earth and to the other creatures that roam in our ecosphere.

As you can imagine (if you know me at all), I’ve turned this into music. In fact, there are eight improvised piano pieces related to this pondering of interdependence. And they are known as “Interdependence Suite”.

Sweet Suite

What does interdependence mean to you? Where do you encounter it in your daily life?

Here are my piano improvisation outpourings about and inspired by interdependence.

Thanks for listening.

(In the next week or two, I’ll provide some geekier explanations of why the pianos in this suite sound so different.)

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