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Interdependence Day 3 – an #improv #poem about understanding

In a dream,
I ride a horse
over a ridge

and find a villagevillage of understanding
filled with people
far beyond my

They seem so
different from me.
Their skin has a texture
I’ve never seen
and their customs
seem bizarre to me.

I have no understanding
of who they are or
why they are the
way they are.

Yet, I have
understanding for them —
each person and as a community —
even before I can
explain about our
or explain about them
as a people.

So much has
been written about

Do I understand
my neighbor?
Do I understand
people who are very different from me?
Do I understand

And what does it mean
to understand

understandingUnderstanding is key.
When it breaks down,
all else is subject to
fuzzy logic.

But understanding
does not seem
to be the problem.
“What we’ve got here…
is failure to communicate.”

Not that what’s
being said is
anything but
Just that so many
refuse to hear it
for what it is.

I listen and hear.
The message is clear.
I for one (yes, there are many more) cannot
remain silent.

~ created spontaneously by Stan Stewart
~ copyright © 2018 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

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