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remember hiking

Always Remember What Inspires You

I remember. I forget.

On Repeat

No matter how many times I get how important certain things are in my life, I need to be reminded. Some things are obvious: my wife, our home, my friends, and the list goes on for the people and relationships that are so crucial to my well-being. Other things are just as critical, but too easily forgotten.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling lethargic and uninspired. Now, after being more attentive to what enlivens me for a while, you’d never know it!

Remember to Sing

remember open mics

I have always enjoyed singing gigs. And with a full schedule doing other things, they sometimes fall by the wayside. There’s just not enough time to practice, schlep the gear, do the (often late-night) gig, and still be able to get up the next morning for work.

So, I’ve discovered an alternative that I enjoy now: open mics. I used to hate them. I saw them as a tool of the trade for practicing my songs in front of an audience.

Now, I see them as a way to get together with friends and jam. The fun we’ve had with spontaneous harmony vocals, added percussion, and so on can’t be traded for anything.

Remember to Hike

remember beautyHow could I forget how much I enjoy being outside? A few days ago, it was getting quite warm out. Usually, I don’t enjoy being outdoors when it’s too hot. But I decided to give it a go anyway. I charted a course on my bicycle that would be mostly shaded. Then, I set off (some running and some walking) around the rim and gorge trails of Taughannock Falls.

There’s no shortage of natural beauty on this route, so I was quickly inspired and reminded of how much I’m inspired by nature. It took me to a place of deeper introspection and creative musings than I’ve had for months!

Remember to Play

remember hiking

My favorite instrument is the piano, but I seem to starve myself from indulging in it at times like this. I don’t have a solid understanding of why I do this. What I can tell you is that each time I pull myself away from the piano, it seems to take longer to get myself back to it.

Yesterday, I was laying a track in a new song. I had tried several instruments on the track and none of them was working in the arrangement or the mix. So, I thought: “Go home.” And I did. The piano sounds wonderful. I plan to share the song with you in a month or so.

What inspires you (even if you forget to “indulge” yourself)? What practices bring you back to yourself? I always enjoy hearing from you. May you be inspired.