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Life and Oh, “G” moments – #piano #improv

Mount RainierLife and Thoughts Creating Reality

Though I believe in the power of thought and know that we create our own reality, it’s easy to experience things as “life” giving us this lesson or that curve ball. Hopefully, most adults have ways of coping with these moments: yours might be taking a deep breath, going for a walk or run, meditating, visiting a favorite spot, and certainly reaching out to your support network.


For me, these “oh, gee” moments are best met by improvising musically. In fact, something in the catharsis of improvising almost always moves me back into the space of knowing that I’m creating my own response to whatever life is presenting to me. I may be tempted to react in the face of my life experience, but improvising has a way of bringing me back to choosing how I respond. The result is that I can breathe more deeply (literally and metaphorically).

Oh, gee

In the case of the piano improv I’m sharing with you here, it also allowed me to not take myself so seriously. So, I did a play on words for the title: it’s mostly in the key of G major; it’s about one of these “oh, gee” moments; and so I combined the two into Oh, “G”. Let me know (in the comments below) if you enjoy this improv or especially if you can hear the thematic thread that was symbolic for me of life’s curve ball.

Thanks for listening. Click through the link in the player above if you’d like to purchase (name your price) and download this piano improv piece.

Playful blessings,

2 thoughts on “Life and Oh, “G” moments – #piano #improv”

  1. Fantastic advice with excellent musical seasoning. Since I haven’t dedicated the resources towards learning an instrument & my lyrics are rarely improvised or “freestyle” so I can’t relate to that from the same perspective. I do apply the same methods to various other areas but I do wish that I could just let go and create the audible emotion that you are able to create. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!

    1. Hey, Matt,

      Really appreciate you dropping by the blog and I’m honored by your comments.
      I know that Staring Blind and you really do rock. In this case, that means I hear your band instilling awesome emotional content in your lyrics and sound. Even better, you offer positive messages. That’s cool.

      Playful blessings,

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